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Man Welding

Welding & Fabrication

Steel, Stainless Steel,

Aluminum and More

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Our Work

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Top Fabricator Award

"The company’s commitment to delivering exceptional service
is complemented by its dedication to outstanding workmanship.
It recognizes the importance of product delivery and project
completion, making a determined effort to adhere to timelines.
With a steadfast focus on fostering lasting customer relationships,
it aspires to attract new clients by pledging to consistently deliver
high-quality products at fair prices. This underscores CROM’s
overarching objective of ensuring customer satisfaction and
building a reputation for reliability in the industry."

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Precision Welding
& Fabrication

At CROM Contracting, we specialize in custom welding and fabrication, with a focus on working with a variety of metals like steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Our team has been in the business for over 20 years, and during this time, we've built a reputation for our commitment to quality and ensuring our clients are completely satisfied with our work.

Our services span a broad range, catering to both light and heavy construction requirements. We're equipped to handle everything from simple repairs to the most complex fabrications. Based in Kingston, Ontario, we've tackled a diverse array of projects over the years, each varying in scope and complexity. This experience has honed our skills, enabling us to adapt and excel regardless of the project size or requirements.


Join Our Team

Be part of CROM Contracting, where skill meets innovation. We're expanding our team and looking for dedicated professionals in welding and fabrication.

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